Where To Find The Best Roof Insulation In Kenya

Where To Find The Best Roof Insulation In Kenya

Finding good insulation in Kenya might require some research and consideration, but there are several avenues you can explore to obtain quality insulation materials and services.

Roof insulation materials are not the most popular products in Kenya, unfortunately even in the construction industry. Probably, it’s due to the notion that we don’t have good insulation materials in Kenya. Well, finding good insulation in Kenya might require some research and consideration.  But we have reliable local producers where you can obtain quality insulation materials and services.

But before we jump to the producers, people are wondering, why do I need insulation materials installed in my house or office? Well, there are those days when the sun seems to sear the back of your neck through the roof and onto your workstation. Apart from forcing air through your system to make it appear as though you’re staying cool, not even the fastest spinning fan can assist. Your home feels so cold in the evenings that it feels like you’re sleeping outside. Rainfall sounds are increased, making it seem as though you’re strolling outside beneath a massive umbrella whenever it rains. Is there a scenario here that you recognize? Slightly overdone, but in general, accurate.

Remarkably, roof insulation in Kenya has grown in importance for both residential and commercial uses. This small addition, which is sometimes disregarded or underestimated because of to lack understanding, financial constraints, or availability issues, can significantly improve the comfort of buildings.

Effective roof insulation can act as a barrier against outside air, heat, cold, and noise, depending on the material and technique utilized. For both residential and commercial structures, roof insulation is essential for lowering heating and cooling expenses.

It has been proven false that these materials are not available locally. Many people still believe that you have to wait weeks to place an order and that these materials can only be obtained from the US or China.

Where to Find Insulation Materials in Kenya

Fortunately, Seven Sunday Limited has made building insulation materials locally available. You can easily find building insulation materials in their manufacturing firm in Athi River, Lukenya Park C, or call +254 112057664 for assistance.

Here are the different insulation products they produce:-

Double S ® Roof insulation material

Double S ®  Sound insulation materials/wall insulation material

Double S ®  Floor underlay

Double S ®  Flat roof insulation

Double S ®  Dampproof membrane

Double S ®  Expansion joints

Double S ®  Packaging materials

It is always advisable to choose reputable suppliers and ensure that the insulation materials you purchase are of good quality to achieve the best results in terms of energy efficiency and comfort in your home or building.

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