Expansion Joints

Double S ® expansion joints absorb thermal expansion and contraction, vibration, and waterproofing during construction and in buildings. Since the Double S ® expansion joints are compressible, they can accommodate the movement of adjacent materials. Double S ® EJ are applied to close the joint opening and mitigate moisture from entering the joint, along with accommodating movement between wall sections.

Why Use Expansion Joints

They are crucial components in construction projects, especially for larger and more complex structures. They serve a vital role in accommodating the natural movements and changes that occur within a building or structure due to factors such as temperature variations, moisture content, settlement, seismic activity, and other external influences. They are essential components that contribute to the safe, durable, and functional performance of buildings and other structures. They help manage the dynamic forces that act on structures over time, ensuring that the built environment can withstand a variety of external influences while maintaining its integrity and aesthetics.
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