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Roof Insulation

Double S ® roof insulation material is perfect and widely used in the world. The foil insulation coating on both sides wraps the foam, which has the advantages of reflecting and insulating heat, reducing noise, waterproofing, and so on. The air energy of Double S ® insulation material can not only insulate most of the heat in hot seasons but also reduce the loss of indoor heat and the invasion of external cold air in cold weather. It can be said that it is a product that can play the role of temperature regulation under any weather conditions.

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Roof Insulation Material

Double S ® roof insulation material is the perfect thermal and sound insulation material in residential and commercial buildings, workshops, churches and other large-scale buildings, especially during the rainy season when the indoor noise is very high; using our products can greatly reduce the noise caused by rain and wind and provide a quiet and calm office environment for you. Our material is different from other products on the market. The width of 1.9m and a length of 50m brings more than twice the convenience for your construction. Advanced and sophisticated equipment ensures that our products' quality is at the forefront of the industry. Our strong company background gives you the perfect after-sale service.
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