Flat Roof Insulation

Double S ® roof insulation material is suitable for large-scale buildings and floors with a large flow of people. Thick sound insulation material can insulate the noise between the upper and the lower floors. Good elasticity can help the building get a better shock absorption effect. Excellent waterproof makes the interior of the building dry, prevents the occurrence of water seepage, and so on, so as to extend the service life of the building. And good flame retardant properties can slow down the spread of fire when the danger comes. Also, if you prefer the material with foil insulation coating on one or both sides, on the basis of the above functions, it can play a role in controlling temperature in the building system.roof
Flat roof insulation

Importance of Flat Roof Insulation Material

The importance of our DOUBLE S ® roof insulation material in Kenya, or any other location, cannot be overstated. Insulating flat roofs offers several significant benefits, considering the local climate, energy costs, and building practices.
Here are the benefits
- Thermal Comfort and Energy Efficiency
- Energy Cost Savings
- Moisture and Condensation Control
- Roof Longevity
- Environmental Impact
- Regulatory Compliance and Green Building Certification
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DOUBLE S ® Flat Roof Insulation

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