With the rise of many commercial, industrial, and manufacturing buildings in Kenya it is important for wall insulation to be done in such premises to avoid unnecessary noise, heat and make energy-efficient possible making it possible to reduce monthly electricity bills. With that being said insulation of residential homes is also important as it will play the same roles just like the roles it plays in commercial and industrial buildings as a whole. Wall insulation slows down the flow of heat that travels out of the building during cold seasons and into the premises during hot seasons.

With the best insulation and insulation method, you can reduce monthly energy or electricity bills by reducing the need of cooling and heating systems.

The amount of money one will save by installing wall insulation in the building will depend on the size of the building and depending on the building incorporation of more or fewer insulations will be a factor. The best thing about insulation planning permission for insulation fittings is not a requirement. Why is it important to insulate the walls of a premises? The building loses 30% to 40% of heat through the wall, 25% through the roof and then 20% through the windows, doors, and floor respectively. 



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