Double S Roof Insulation

Double S roof insulation protects your roof space from heat resulting from radiant heat penetration by acting as a heat barrier to protect all surfaces within the roof space from drying, cracking and degrading from UV rays.

Double S Roof Insulation material is a product in high demand and widely used in the world.

The foil insulation coating on both sides wraps the foam, which has the advantage of reflecting and insulating heat, reducing noise, and waterproofing.

The air energy of double s roof insulation material cannot only insulate most of the heat in the hot season but also reduce the loss of indoor heat and the invasion of external cold air in cold weather.

Double S roofing solution will play the role of temperature regulation under any weather conditions.

Double S roof insulation material is an ideal product for sound insulation in workshops and industrial building. Noise from raindrops hitting an iron roofing is greatly reduced giving you a serene working space. In the rainy season, the indoor noise is very large, using our products can greatly reduce the noise caused by rain and wind and provide cal office space for you.

Double S insulation material’s width of 1.8 – 2m makes it unique setting it apart from other products in the market by giving more than twice the convenience for your construction.